The biomedical research policy: values and priorities.


The article faces the theme of strategies and the policies subtended to the biomedical research that can involve human subjects, whose principal elements are: 1. the intention to produce results that can be applied and shared; 2. the field of biomedicine.

After reviewing the different kinds of biomedical research, the author dwells about the specific policies tracing the definition and the meanings of it: planning, regulation, globalization.

Moreover, the reflection examines comparatively the policies of research adopted in different Countries, the review of the ethical codes, the institutions and the specific regulations.

The author argues the necessity of the integrative role of the ethics in the policies of the biomedical research, according to a "triangular" method that runs in the following way: the examination of the data, the analysis of the values at stake, the ethical judgement. Particular attention is devoted to the autonomy of the research, whereas the independence of the scientist is not threatened from an integral anthropological vision, because the choice is enlightened by the values. These are not extraneous to autonomy: the man as a whole is called to consider his similar and to work choosing the best that has to disposition in sight of the good of the man. The autonomy of the scientist, in fact, expresses itself in a complete way if it burdened freely and responsibly of the goals, the means, the methods and of the consequences of a determined project of research.

The last part of the article considers the risks derived from a reductive view of the science and the specific Roman Catholic Magisterium.



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