Post human e gene editing: Reflections on perfection and sense of limit

  • Luca Grion | Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici e del Patrimonio Culturale – DIUM, Università degli Studi di Udine, Italy.


Starting from the therapeutic and enhancement possibilities opened up by recent genetic editing techniques, the essay discusses the human sense of fragility and the desire for improvement, which have always been associated with the human experience. The notion of limit is the central element in this discussion, which combines technological innovation with anthropological reflection. Such a notion is hotly debated, as it is considered either as an evil to be removed or as an essential condition to be accepted. After reviewing the essential aspects of this debate, the essay affirms the need to chose between the myth of perfection and the vocation to fulfillment: it takes humility to accept us for what we are, without being captivated by the idea of a perfect and invulnerable humanity; it takes courage to challenge the obstacles that prevent the person from flourishing in fullness.


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limit, human enhancement, gene editing, Prometheus, fragility, posthuman
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Grion, L. (2019). Post human e gene editing: Reflections on perfection and sense of limit. Medicina E Morale, 68(4), 423-436.